Great River Wine Trail Julien Dubuque Bridge

Discover the Great River Wine Trail…

The upper Mississippi River Valley area is known as "One of the Great River Valleys of the World." The nine wineries within the Wine Trail are capitalizing on the beauty of the tri-state area, and their award winning wines made from the fruit of the vines grown in Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Discover the natural beauty and splendor of the scenic Great River Wine Trail. Visit all nine wineries located in the tri-state region of Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Sample award-winning wines along the trail; featuring red, white, and local fruit varieties.

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Stone Cliff Winery
Massbach Ridge Winery
Park Farm Winery
  1. Stone Cliff Winery
    600 Star Brewery Dr
    Dubuque, IA
  1. Massbach Ridge Winery
    8837 South Massbach Rd
    Elizabeth, IL
  1. Park Farm Winery
    15159 Thielen Rd
    Bankston, IA
Rocky Waters Vineyard
Sinnipee Valley Vineyard Galena Cellars
  1. Rocky Waters Vineyard
    2003 W Hanover Rd
    Hanover, IL
  1. Sinnipee Valley Vineyard
    4547 Timberlane
    Keiler, WI
  1. Galena Cellars
    515 S Main St
    Galena, IL
Whispering Winds Winery
Brush Creek Winery
Bauer Kearns Winery
  1. Whispering Winds Winery
    13541 Blue School Rd
    Fennimore, WI
  1. Brush Creek Winery
    16415 298th Ave
    Bellevue, IA
  1. Bauer Kearns Winery
    19245 W Mound Rd
    Platteville, WI